The composite CERAMIN® — a product of Classen research and development

What makes CERAMIN® such a special material?

Due to its lower material density, CERAMIN® is far lighter than ceramic. Nonetheless, it is just as stable and waterproof, but above all it is unbreakable. The CERAMIN® components are bonded together at low temperatures – in a production method which is therefore low in energy use and emissions. CERAMIN® forms the ecological and economic basis for new ideas and durable products for the housing and non-housing sector.

What makes CERAMIN® an ecological material?

Natural, uncontaminated minerals are tightly bonded with polymers. Polymers, such as the polyolefine used here, are also used in medicine and food packagings. Thanks to its particularly ecological properties, CERAMIN® enables the production of PVC-free products. For example, designfloors which are absolutely free from phthalates, plasticisers, heavy metals or other soluble or volatile harmful substances. This makes CERAMIN®-based products environmentally friendly and ecological. The material CERAMIN® is produced with careful use of resources and low emissions and is 100% recyclable and recoverable.

What is CERAMIN®?

CERAMIN® is a ceramic-like composite with optimised application properties: With a low weight per square metre, CERAMIN® is a heavy duty material and extremely robust; it is therefore ideally suitable, for example, as the basis for floorings or wall and floor tiles.

CERAMIN® — the basis for a completely new core material

The newly developed CERAMIN® carrier board forms the robust, ecological basis for this next-generation designflooring: free from PVC and other harmful substances.

Outstanding properties of CERAMIN®-based products

  • extremely robust
  • waterproof
  • heavy duty
  • PVC free
  • contaminant free
  • ecological
  • 100% recoverable
  • easily recyclable
  • lightweight
  • unbreakable
  • tested quality Made in Germany